If You Live In Palm Beach Or Broward County FL, Why Do Contractors Neglect To Close Permits?

Many people do not understand the repercussions of an open permit on their property. Such permits are typically reserved for construction work that is still being done, but they may be issued when work has been deemed unsafe or abandoned in some areas. Regardless of what deems a permit open, it’s always recommended to close them if the building project is complete so they do not result in any legal infractions against oneself. 

A crucial step for contractors would be to ensure they have all house clearances before embarking on a new project to avoid multiple open-ended permits. This can lead to confusion and mistakes, like leaving construction sites uncovered or failing to transfer ownership over paperwork properly. Closing permits will also help with the insurance claim process because without fixing the issue, it will cause problems later.

What Does It Mean If A Contractor Neglects To Close Permits On Your Home If You Live In Palm Beach Or Broward County FL?


When purchasing a home, one of the most important parts is obtaining permits. These are required for all major renovations.

You have to request your contractor to close any open permits on your new property before you can sell it, and if they don’t do it themselves, many counties require sellers to take care of this on their own. Responsibilities vary by county, but in Palm Beach and Broward counties, you are required to close contractor permits on your property.

In the event that you live in one of these regions and the construction company neglected to terminate the permit before you sold your home, you may be in danger. Some buyers will assume that if a contractor was not responsible enough to close everything before you bought the home, what else did they not do?

It doesn’t mean you can’t sell your house, but it may affect how quickly you can move.

How Do You Close An Open Permit If You Live In Palm Beach Or Broward County, FL?


When a contractor never closes their permit, it leaves the job unfinished and creates many problems for the homeowner. This is why it’s important to learn how to close an open permit. 

The first thing you’ll need to do is go online and print out the form needed for closing contractor permits. Once you have this form, fill out the contractor’s information, the contractor’s signature, your contractor, and then sign it. 

After getting this signed contractor permit closed, simply mail it to Palm Beach County or Broward County government offices, depending on which one issued the contractor permits. If you mail the permit in the deliverable form to a private contractor, that contractor can use their address. 

Make sure you close contractor permits as soon as possible to avoid further problems. By following these simple steps, you can close an open contractor permit in no time!

However, even though you can do this yourself, it is best to contact our firm and have us do this for you to avoid complications.

How Does An Open Permit Affect House Closing If You Live In Palm Beach Or Broward County, FL?


An open permit can affect a house closing in several ways. 

  1. First, an open permit can cause the buyer to lose their deposit if they decide not to purchase the place that is for sale. 
  2. Second, an open permit can delay the closing process. 
  3. Third, an open permit can lead to additional costs for the buyer. 

If You Are Buying A Home In Palm Beach Or Broward County, FL, The Best Thing To Protect Yourself Is To Check Whether Open Permits Exist On The Property. 

If open permits are discovered during due diligence of the title search, it would be wise for your closing attorney or agent to speak with your seller about obtaining a certificate of compliance. A certificate of compliance will show that all open permits have been closed. 

If the seller has open permits, they will likely not obtain a certificate of compliance. This can cause your closing date to be extended if you are unable to close without the certificate because it will impact your lender’s ability-to-close requirements. If this is the case, you may need to open up your contract and renegotiate certain terms. 

Suppose your lender cannot extend the closing date because it is too short or because of an open permit; this can cause problems costing you a lot of money. For example, if the house closes before the additional work has been completed, your lender will not fund the loan until the work is completed, and they will require a completion certificate. If you are forced to rent a property until the open permit is closed, you may have to pay two mortgages simultaneously. 

If you have any questions about open permits and how they might affect your house closing, please contact our company for a consultation.