Anytime you are doing construction, the work can be dangerous and you must follow specific standards for health and safety. These standards must comply with building code and safety regulations.

The state or county can come out and randomly inspect your job site to decide if you are following all guidelines. These include things such as visiting with employees, auditing records, and demanding proof of compliance.

In the event, you fail to meet the building and safety guidelines a stop work order is issued. This is given to shutdown the work until all of the issues are resolved. The key to avoiding a stop work order is to know what they are and how it applies. Here are the most critical things you want to know about a stop work order in Palm Beach County.

When does a Stop Work Order Apply?

A stop work order is a contractual tool that uses the contract to show you are not following different provisions of it. The order is given when inspectors feel that you are deviating from health, safety, and building code requirements.

Once you receive the stop work order, all work must cease until you have made the necessary changes to comply.

The stop work order is a part of the contract and can be issued when the inspectors feel you are not meeting your obligations.

If you have a stop work order, we recommend contacting us and we can help to clear up these issues.

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The Full Stop Work Order

A full stop work order shuts down your job site completely and you can’t do any more work until it is cleared up.

Typically, these work orders are issued for flagrant safety or structural issues at the site. These involve design, engineering, financial, or safety problems that have to be addressed.

If your site has a full stop work order, we recommend contacting us immediately. We will help you to address these problems, so you can move forward.

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The Partial Stop Work Order

A partial stop work order shuts down a part of the job site for specific issues such as design or safety problems. The work can continue, but not in the affected areas until the issues in stop order are resolved.

We can help you with these issues, as permits are required on all professional and do-it-yourself projects.

Close Permits Fast has the experience to help remove the work stop order for different violations. We know what to do, so you can relax and move forward with your project.

We Can Help!

Stop work orders are issued for safety, design, and building code violations. Call Close Permits Fast today at 888-905-4436 and let us help you to address these issues.

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