If you hate the idea of having to get a building permit, you aren’t alone. Few homeowners want to experience the delays and excessive cost of a permit. They simply want to renovate their home without government interference. 

However, most contractors won’t perform the job without pulling a permit. 

If they do, they risk losing their license. Even if you plan on doing the work yourself, you still need to obtain a permit. Otherwise, you’ll have to correct the code violations in the future, while paying off fees and handling additional hassles.

Before 2010, a lien search wasn’t required. Since then, it has become a requirement to include a lien search when someone is buying a new home. This will allow them to find unrecorded liens, code violations, and other issues that may negatively impact the buyer. 

To avoid fines, reconstruction, and a headache, it’s advised to get a building permit before renovations.

Projects that Require a Permit

Many homeowners are uninformed about when a permit is required. In a nutshell, permits are required if you plan to do the following to a building or structure:

  • Enlarge
  • Alter
  • Repair
  • Move
  • Demolish
  • Change occupancies

The same applies to construction projects you plan on doing outside, like in the back or front lawns. In addition to these changes, you will need a permit if you’re going to remove or replace electrical, gas, mechanical, or plumbing systems. 

If you’re going to interrupt these systems, it’s likely that you’ll need several permits, such as one for gas, electrical, and plumbing.

These guidelines were stipulated by the Marion County Building Safety Department but can be applied to all Florida residents.

A Permit is More Important Than You Think

It may seem like the work to acquire the necessary paperwork is more trouble than it’s worth. 

However, you should consider the trouble involved to correct the code violations. 

Any construction that was not approved can decrease your home value, and you may even have to spend money for unpaid property taxes. 

Additionally, what happens if the unapproved electrical wiring in your home causes a fire? 

You may have damaged your home and lost some personal belongings, but at least you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing insurance will cover the damages, right? 


Homeowner’s insurance does not cover unpermitted work and your provider may even drop your coverage due to risk. 

Finally, consider the health and safety risks of the unpermitted work to you and your family. 

Building codes are put in place to ensure your projects meet the minimum safety standards and to keep you safe. 

If you were not aware of the significant importance and did or you’re currently doing projects that require a permit, contact Close Permits Fast. 

We do a lot more than correcting code violations. We can also take care of any requirements to ensure you’re permitted properly. 

Projects That Do Not Require a Permit 

You won’t need a permit for every remodeling project you do in your home. If it’s a minor repair that doesn’t involve construction, you won’t have to worry about needing to correct the code violations in the future. In general, the following common repairs are permitted:

  • Painting
  • Wallpapering
  • Installing a new carpet
  • Installing a hardwood floor
  • Replacing a faucet
  • Installing new countertops
  • Minor electrical repairs
  • Replacing new windows

When in doubt about what projects do not require permits, contact your local building department to verify. There are many renovations in the gray area that may or may not be permitted. Some examples are:

  • Building fences
  • Plumbing and electrical work
  • Siding work
  • Water heater work

Contact Close Permits Fast

Our name isn’t just catchy wording – it’s very important that you get your permits closed fast. When the city comes to inspect your property and find a violation, you will be fined. You will then need to correct the code violations in 10 days, otherwise, they begin fining you every day you don’t show up to apply for one. These fines are high, as you will have to pay four times the original fee. That can quickly turn a $200 fee into an $800 fee and the number continuously increases.

Contact Close Permits Fast to help sort out your open permits. 

We specialize in quickly closing a variety of open permits, including bathroom remodeling and kitchen renovations. We have a team of certified architects, engineers, plumbers, and electricians on staff, and all the necessary licensing, which allows us to get the ball rolling much more quickly. Call today at (888) 905-4436.