Code violations are a way that cities and counties will enforce different regulations for the maintenance and the appearance of properties. 

The rules vary between cities and counties, but all of these governments have similar standards statewide. In this article, we look at the law, the most common code violations in Florida, and what you can do to help avoid them. 

The Law

The Florida Statutes state that code enforcement officers are the officials’ local governments designate to determine when violations occur. The officer provides notice of a breach and lets the property owner know they must correct a problem within 30 days. If no changes occur, the property owner is given a citation with a penalty (such as a fine).

The officer uses their discretion to decide if the violations are a threat to the public or a repeat occurrence. In these situations, the officer can cite the property owner immediately for the danger of failing to follow local ordinances. 

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The Most Common Code Violations

In Florida, citations are issued for the most common violations of local ordinances. Below are the violations property owners frequently receive for failing to follow the community or county building, health, and safety codes. 

  •  Debris

Debris on the property is banned in yards, lots, and around your house or commercial buildings. In other words, you cannot leave junk or trash outside, such as old appliances, furniture, tires, car parts, lawn trimmings, and dead branches. 

Debris brings down the value of the neighborhood and hurts the quality of life in the community. 

Close Permits Fast can help with citation violations in Florida by looking at the breach and addressing the issues. We know the different ordinances across South Florida and will tell you the best approach for closing the case. 

  • Fumes

Your property cannot emit toxic fumes, substances, and odors that impact nearby properties or are a threat to the environment. These include things such as smoke, gas, or material that is dangerous or offensive. Code enforcement will cite you for these violations and might not give you time to correct them from the hazard your present to the community. 

For example, you are burning trash in your backyard, and the smoke is drifting all over the neighborhood. Code enforcement has the discretion to cite you on the spot for possible public health and environmental dangers. 

The best approach is to visit with code enforcement about what activities are permissible on your property. 

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  • Derelict Vehicles

Florida statutes state that you cannot store abandoned or rundown vehicles and boats on your property. Anything that is inoperable cannot be stored on the property for more than a few days. You must remove these vehicles/boats or place them into a storage structure such as a garage. Vehicles and vessels that cannot be driven safely or don’t have current tags are in violation.

You will be given the notice to remove the vehicle or boat up to a specific amount of time in these situations. If nothing happens, code enforcement will fine you and tow the car or boat away at your expense. 

Close Permits Fast can help you to understand the law and correct code violations quickly. We know what to do to ensure that you comply with all local ordinances and regulations. 

  • Yard Maintenance

Cities and municipalities have rules that require you to maintain the appearance of your yard. The plants, grass, and lawn fixtures cannot interfere with streets, sidewalks, and other residential properties. You must keep the vegetation within a specific height and parameters. Anything beyond these guidelines will cause you to receive a citation from code enforcement. 

Close Permits Fast knows how to handle code violations and building permit issues on your property. We are the best in addressing any problems and ensuring you are in full compliance with the law. 

We Handle Code Violations

Code violations require you to address the issues to comply with specific standards in the community. 

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